IT translation

Nowadays we have rapid development of information and communication technologies in the world. These technologies include all the resources that perform the functions of collection, storage, processing, use and transfer of information. Computers, software and network for data transmission confidently and forever came in our lives. ICT development has affected almost all spheres of human activity. In this regards there is a strong need for translation of different user manuals, instructions for use and maintenance of a variety of devices and applications, technical descriptions of the equipment, computer games, etc. into many languages. ICT uses a large number of specialized terminology and slang vocabulary. Therefore, the translator in addition to the knowledge of foreign language must also feel confident in engineering, programming and have focused knowledge in this area which will give chance to make an accurate translation.
Websites translation is more simple and the most widely used application of translation in the field. The website translation is the process of creating backup site but in another language or in several languages. Website that provides content in multiple languages is called multilingual. Currently a multilingual website is not widespread in Ukraine and Russia and is mainly used by large multinational companies. However, in some time the need of business in such tool in order to attract the customers will increase and the multilingual website will become an integral part of an online presence.