Legal translation

Legal translation is the translation of the texts at law. This kind of translation is considered to be one of the most difficult and responsible direction in translation. The problems in the legal translation may appear because of the specificity of legal language, which contains big amount of professional terms and formulations. The majority of legal documents determine clearly defined rights and obligations for certain persons and the translator should accurately lay out those rights and obligations in the translation. The mistakes in the translation are forbidden, as they may turn out into the pretensions and the legal claim start, also they may lead to financial losses. That is why it is necessary to be serious in the choice of the legal translation provider.
Apply to our translation agency and our professional translators, who are the specialists in different spheres of law, will qualitatively and within the agreed timescale translate any documents and, if necessary, will certify the translation by the notary.
We guarantee absolute safety and non-disclosure of commercial, legal or other information, which came to notice to the employees of our translation agency during the work with the orders of the clients.