Advertising translation

For successful advertising campaign abroad you need to know the preferences of the people in the country of interest, what motivates them, what are their tendencies, current tastes, as well as take into account the difference between the world cultures and slangs. This will help first to convey the meaning of your marketing campaign and cause the desired emotions in the audience. A large amount of time and financial resources is required in order to study all this. Think about it, what is the need to do everything on your own? You have a lot of responsibilities and tasks that now require your attention. Save your time and the finance and transfer this work to those who have experience and are expert in this field, for example, to our linguistic network that has offices in many countries. Our company is part of the global translation network which has more than 3000 translators living in their country in constant contact with its citizens and its national and regional media. They know what a certain category of people need, what they want to hear and see. All this makes our translators the best experts you need to consult to and who can be trusted with the translation of your marketing campaign.
Advertising (marketing) translation as a rule is always associated with language localization.
Language localization is a cultural-oriented type of advertising translation or other type of translation.
Localization services are to determine a word or combination of words to be used for a particular culture in a particular geographic region for the correct transmission of meaning. During the language localization slang values using different words in some phrases are also considered. Each culture has its own traditions, cultural and specific meanings, symbols and signs which must be taken into account to create the desired advertising message.
Business knows a large number of curious situations in promotions which were due to mistranslation or misunderstanding of the culture of the target audience in a specific region. Select reliable suppliers of translation services in order not to be added to the list of blunders caused by the poor translation of the marketing campaign.