Nostrification - is the procedure of the acknowledgment of the foreign countries education documents, which endues the documents with the legal force on the territory of Ukraine.
Our agency facilitates in the acknowledgment (nostrification) of the education documents (diploma, attestation, school certificate, certificate) in Ukraine.
When the foreign citizens come to Ukraine for education, employment or by any other reason, they face with the formulation of the legal proceedings, including the nostrification.
Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the procedure of nostrification in Ukraine. Such procedure consists of the expert evaluation of the presented documents, the check of the foreign education establishment accreditation, the fact of education and the legal validity of the diploma issue.
The list of the document, which are necessary for the procedure of nostrification in Ukraine:
  • the written application about passing the procedure of nostrification;
  • the notarially certified power of attorney to the employee of our agency;
  • the originals of education documents, legalized either with the apostille or according to the legislation of the issuing country;
  • the certified by the notary translations of the documents originals and their notarial copies;
  • the copies of the available documents about previous education;
  • the xerocopy and the scanned copy of the document, which proves the personality of the education document owner;
  • the application about the access to personal information;
  • it is desirable (if possible) to have the archival written extract (as well as its notarial copy) from the education establishment, where the education document was received;
  • the copy of the invitation for education in Higher Education Establishments of Ukraine (if any).
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine acknowledges the equivalence of the document (diploma) or denies the acknowledgement. In the case of the denial the sum of the payment is not going to be returned. The denial in acknowledgement of the education document on the territory of Ukraine is very rare event. It is very easy to  predict the  denial, as the reasons of the diploma acknowledgement denial are  generally known, for example:
  • the presented document is not acknowledged in the country, to which the issued higher education establishment is related;
  • the foreign education program can’t be related to any education level in Ukraine;
  • the presented documents contain the incorrect information (are fictional).
There were no cases of the education documents acknowledgement denial in Ukraine in the practice of our translation agency.
The result of the acknowledgement procedure is the document with the title “The Certificate about Foreign Education Document Acknowledgement in Ukraine”. The terms of the education documents acknowledgement procedure may be from 5 to 80 working days. The cost of the service of the nostrification in Ukraine changes depending upon the term.
Apply to our Ukrainian translation agency and we’ll facilitate in preparation and submission of the complete package of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. After the documents submission, you’ll have only to wait the chosen term and solemnly to receive the Certificate about your Education Acknowledgement. If it is not convenient to you to visit our office personally, you may receive the certificate using the delivery service in any city of Ukraine or abroad.