Escort Interpreting Services

Our translation agency offers to use the service of the accompaniment of the foreigners by the interpreter in Ukraine.
The service of interpretation and the service of accompaniment are very similar, but there are some differences. The accompaniment of the foreigners, besides the oral translation presupposes the city travel or Ukraine travel with the person, who needs translation for the communication with those around him. The interpreter in some way for certain time becomes the assistant (the guide) for the foreigner in Ukraine, making possible the communication with other people and simplifying his being on unfamiliar territory.
This service also supposes that the interpreter:
- will meet on arrival and will accompany at departure on the station or at the airport,
- will accompany to the hotel or to the hostel for settling,
- will walk the person through the place,
- will accompany during trips, business meetings, seminars, shopping, festive and other events,
- will help to find necessary information, the object of interest, necessary person and other.
If necessary we’ll organize the related services in Ukraine of the auto rental, the conference hall rental, the hotel suit reservation and other additional services, which don’t fit under the articles of criminal code of Ukraine.
The classic example, when the service of the accompaniment of the foreigner is ordered for the festive event in Ukraine:
The young lady is going to marry the foreigner and is moving abroad. They decided to celebrate their wedding day in Ukraine, the birthplace of the bride. Even if the bride knows perfectly the language of the bridegroom and may translate for him and the people around, the service of the accompaniment of the foreigner in Ukraine (the bridegroom) is still necessary. Otherwise, the bride will not manage to enjoy her holiday, which may happen only once in her life, because she will have to do the work of the interpreter, being all the time near the bridegroom. Definitely, the presence of the interpreter is necessary during the festive event. He will be near the bridegroom to help him to break the language barrier and will make the event of full value both for the bridegroom and the bride.
On this site (section “Price-list”) you may get acquainted with the approximate cost of the service of the foreigners’ accompaniment by the interpreter in Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv and other city of Ukraine. For accurate calculation of the cost we need to have the detailed information about the expected accompaniment. Contact our call-agent choosing any convenient for you way, offered on this site, and we’ll calculate the cost of your order for accompaniment in Ukraine.