Certification of translations

Our translation agency offers three variants of translated documents certification in Ukraine:
Variant No. 1. Notarial certification of the document with the translation, when such document is filed to the original.
Variant No. 2. Notarial certification of the document copy originality (it is necessary to present the original for verification) and certification of the document with the translation. The translation is also filed, but to the certified copy.
Variant No. 3. Certification of the translated documents with the seal of the translation agency, when the translation is also filed either to originals or to copies.
It is understood that while performing the notarial certification of the translation, the notary certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature.
The certification of the translated document by the notary in Ukraine is possible only in the case, when the form and the content of the document correspond to the norms of valid legislation. These are the official documents, which contain necessary reference details – the seal, the signature, the date of issue, the name of the institution/authority, which has issued the document and other. For example: the certificates, the powers of attorney, the passports, the diplomas, the certificates, the foundation documents, the references, the court decisions and so on.
- If the document, which should be translated and certified, consists of several pages, it is necessary to file it, to seal and to sign;
- If the document was issued by the state authority abroad, it should undergo the necessary legalization procedure and contain the apostille or consular legalization stamp;
- The notary doesn’t certify the document which was translated partially;
- The document shouldn’t contain any corrections, additions, crossed out words, mechanical damage and other defects;
- The notary takes for certification only the documents by accredit translator;
- The notary may certify the xerocopies of the documents with photos (passport, identification certificate, driver’s license and so on) only according to the variant No. 2.
Variant 1 and 2 of the notarial certification consist of the following:
- The accredit translator from the translation agency gives to the notary the sourcel documents and their translation. The translator puts his signature on the documents with translation;
- The source documents (original/certified copy) are filed with the translation. The last page of the filled documents contains the special sticker with the amount of pages held together, as well as the seal and the signature of the notary;
- The translator puts his signature in the registration book of the notary;
- At the conclusion, the notary puts his signature in the registration book nest to the signature of the translator, certifying the authenticity of his signature.
The notarial certification of the translation in Ukraine is necessary for the documents to be vested with legal force both in Ukraine and abroad.
Variant 3 – certification of the translation with the seal of the translation agency, is used in the cases, when the notarial certification is not obligatory or may not be performed by the notary. Our translation agency will certify the translation with its seal, if the translation was performed by our translator. The presence of the seal of the translation agency on the document proves that the information was translated qualitatively, by the qualified specialist, who presents the third independent party. The procedure of the certification by the seal of the translation agency is similar to the notarial procedure. The main difference is that the last page of the document contains the seal of the translation agency and the signature of the responsible translator instead of the signature and the seal of the notary. 
Our services are available to all the eager. After certification we’ll send your documents by the delivery service to any city of the world.