Technical translation

Despite the fact that the spheres of application of the technical terms are very diverse technical texts translation typically requires focused specialization of the translator in a certain area. There is no doubt that everyone who read the user manual for any device in spite of the mother tongue and the correct interpretation didn’t always fully understand the meaning. This situation occurs more often when people who are not familiar with the operation of the device read the user manual. What to say if this manual is written in a foreign language? Therefore, the ordinary translator with the general knowledge that is aimed at quality translation of the text with focused specialization and respectively with the correct transfer of meaning cannot cope with the task. In such case a translator with experience in a particular area or with the necessary technical education is needed. Only a specialist can provide the information in another language, even if the original text is ambiguous. We have quality translations only when the translator properly conveyed the meaning and not every word separately.
Many business entities order translation services of technical documentation without preliminary verification of the competence of the supplier of translation services. As a result the customer can get a low-quality translation with negative consequences for its business. For example, the company has printed a large number of user manuals in several languages for its production (consumer electronics) which is implemented in different countries. After awhile it became clear that because of poor translation of user manuals, the users abuse equipment operation that causes its failure. Accordingly, in this case the company carries high costs for warranty services and loses potential customers as the products have negative reviews.
Therefore, please consult only reliable suppliers of translation services.