Document legalization

Are you interested in the documents legalization in Ukraine?
It is possible to assume that your life is changing into better and you go abroad to enroll in education establishment, to start new long hoped-for work, to buy the real estate or for the different, not less pleasant, reason. It happens also that the citizens of Ukraine, who are for a long time have been living abroad, need to legalize the documents.
The procedure of legalization is made by different ministries, but also, you may apply to our translation agency to use the service of documents legalization in Ukraine within the minimum period and for the minimum price.
For those of you, who don’t know what does the document legalization mean - we’ll explain it with pleasure.
You have some selected set of documents, with which you go abroad, and for sure you want these documents to be valid in other country. Otherwise, how are you going to study, to work, to buy real estate without personal, legally valid documents? This is where you will need the documents legalization. This procedure reasserts the authorities of the administrative official, who has signed your document, as well as the truthfulness of the signature and the seal on your document. To make a long story short – your desire will come true and your documents will acquire their legal force again.
Two main variants of legalization are used. These are the apostille and the consular legalization.
Apostille is the stamp with the specified set of details and parameters. This stamp is put on the document within the place without the text. Firstly, the apostille is put on the front of the document, and if this side is completely covered by the text, it is put on the reverse side. If the text is on both sides, the additional page is filed and the apostille is put on that sheet of paper. The apostille is used for the countries, where the Hague Convention is valid.
Consular legalization is used for the countries, where the Hague Convention is not valid. This variant of legalization is more time consuming and labour consuming than the apostille. The documents are certified in the Ministry of Justice, then they are passed for certification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after that they are certified in the Consulate or the Embassy of the corresponding country. This variant of the consular legalization allows certifying the documents in two ways: in the country of issue or in the country of usage. It is necessary to emphasize, that there is the third variant, which is carried on by the establishments of the third country, but this variant is not widely used because of its specific feature.
Contact us after choosing any convenient variant, which is offered to you on our site. Our agency will carry on the procedure of the Ukrainian documents legalization within the minimum period and for the minimum price. Appreciate your time and safe your health!