Translation in the area of construction

There are many examples when the translation companies are involved in various projects of the construction sector.
For example, a project of building a residential complex in the Ukraine with the participation of three parties is implemented:
Party 1. Ukrainian customer is a legal entity authorized by the investor which monitors and implement the investment project in Ukraine.
Party 2. German investor is a legal entity which carries out capital investment of his own funds in the project.
Party3. Turkish contractor is a legal entity that performs work according to contract with the Ukrainian customer. To perform the work the contractor may use subcontractors (including the foreign ones). In this case the contractor is referred to as the general contractor.
In this example a translation service will be needed still at the stage of the business plan providing for investment in the residential complex for the German Party from the Ukrainian customer. In the future so that the representatives of the parties (citizens of different countries) could interact, the services of interpreters for oral translation in the negotiations, conference calls, staff meetings are also needed as well as the services of the translators for written translation of various construction documents.

Translation in the field of construction is a form of technical translation. The translator who does the translation of the text of this area, in addition to high knowledge of a foreign language must also have a special construction education or work experience in the field. These requirements are mandatory as the source and target text contains a large number of terminology and definitions of the construction sphere, architecture and housing and communal services.
In our office you can use the services of a translator which will perform the translation of any construction documents in a good manner and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.