The Apostille of Ukraine

'The Apostille of Ukraine is one of the services of our translation agency, which is provided to clients, both in Ukraine and abroad!
The prices on an Apostille, language translation, certification of translation, as well as other services, can be found on the page of 'Price list' of this site.
How to order the service 'The Apostille of Ukraine'?
For customers who are abroad:
1. It is necessary to take advantage of our expert's advice who will clearly reply on your question like: 'Is your document a subject of apostille or is not?'
You need to contact on our office department of the legalization of documents in Kiev, Ukraine, using for it the following contacts:
2. You can also send your document to the procedure of an Apostille to our experts.
An Apostille is mainly needed for an original of document. You need transmit such document to the department of legalization with the help of a third person or send by mail for it. If you want to apostille your passport, you should know, an Apostille is put on the notarized copy of the document only. The most economical way to transfer your documents from abroad is sending these documents by registered mail with the help of the national postal service of the enterprise. Sending the documents with a help of courier service is more expensive, but the faster and more reliable way to transfer them. If you use any method of sending, the envelope with your documents would be sent to the actual address of our agency office in Kiev (Ukraine). The process of return of the completed documents with an Apostille may also to be done according to the mentioned above methods upon the client's discretion.
3. You have to coordinate the method of payment with our experts.
In most cases, the payment is made upon the fact of stamping of an Apostille, e.g.:
An Apostille on the certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, notary documents is paid upon the fact of its performance.
An Apostille on documents dealing to education (the diplomas, certificates, reference statements of education, etc.), judicial decisions, certificates of good conduct, certificate from the pension fund is paid in two parts. The first part (50% of the total cost) is paid before providing services, and the second part (50%) is paid if the service would be provided. If a customer desires, he can realize his prepayment, which will be equal to 100% of the total cost.
The payment of the service 'The Apostille Ukraine' from abroad, is carried out via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) or with one of the international money transfer systems, such as: the 'Western Union' or 'Anelik'.
The difference between these systems is as follows:
If you use the system of SWIFT, the payment is made from one bank account to other one. In this case, you need to know the recipient's bank details for the transfer from abroad. If you use the systems of 'Western Union' or 'Anelik', the payment is made without opening bank accounts. In this case, you need to know the recipient's name and surname only. After sending the amount of money, it is necessary to pass to the code of payment to the recipient. This code is automatically assigned by the system if you transfer your money.
For customers who are on the territory of Ukraine:
1. It is necessary to use the advice of our expert, which will determine the opportunity, time and cost of stamping an Apostille.
For more details, you need to contact with our experts in Kiev or Kirovograd. You can also call on the following phone numbers:
2. You can send your document to an Apostille to our experts.
If you need to put down ‘the Apostille of Ukraine’ for one of your documents, you can personally do it in our office, by means of a third party or send by the courier's services like 'The Nova Poshta' or 'The Express Mail'. Our couriers pick up mail from the offices of the above-mentioned courier services in Kiev, Kirovograd, Mukachevo, Chernovtsy and other cities every morning.
3. You have to coordinate the method of payment with our experts.
A payment sequence is performed similarly to the sequence, as in the cases of foreign customers. However, there are used others payment instruments, for example, from one bank account to other one, via a terminal to the card or by cash.
That people who bad understand the notion of ‘an Apostille’, we offer to read this information.
An Apostille is a stamp, confirms authenticity of a document and their destination of use abroad. The certificated apostilled documents are destined for use in Hague Apostille countries. A list with the names of these countries can be found on the page of 'the Hague Convention' of this site. If a country is not the member of the Convention, it is necessary to draw up documents more complicated method like 'Consular legalization of documents'. In most cases, except of stamping, you must translate the document into the language of the country in which this document is destined for use. The translatlated document must be notarized. You can do the translation of your document and make notarized translation, as well as possible in the country of use, but as a rule, it is much more expensive than to do it in Ukraine, if you order a whole set of your documents legalization. The Ukrainian documents must be authenticated by an Apostille in Ukraine only! Similarly, the Russian documents must be authenticated by an Apostille in Russia only, the Polish - in Poland, on the French - in France and so on.
‘The Apostille of Ukraine’ is stamped by the employees of our translation agency in the relevant state departments, on such documents as:
1. Education documents are the subjects of registration in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
2. Notary, judicial and documents, issued by the Bodies of Civil Registration are the subjects of registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

3. All other documents are the subjects of registration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.