Consecutive interpretation

Our agency offers to use the service of interpretation (consecutive interpretation) in Ukraine.
Consecutive translation is usually used on different events, namely:
- business meetings;
- exhibitions;
- presentations;
- press-conference;
- training courses;
- seminars;
- overseas trips;
- special events and other.
Why do we call the interpretation consecutive? The issue is about the consequent mutual interaction of the speaker and his interpreter. The speaker gives some sentences and makes a pause for the interpreter to perform the oral translation.
The profession of the interpreter is not easy and not for everyone. It is not enough to know the language in a good way, it is necessary to have long-term communication practice in some particular language sphere and to lay down the thoughts correctly.
In some cases the way the interpreter looks is important, considering that the interpreter is the participant of some specific event, where it is necessary to comply with the dress code and the parties take him as the conversation partner. In a lot of ways, the success of the negotiations depends upon the interpreter, that is why if the upcoming negotiations are important for you, it is necessary to use the services of professional interpreters only.
In our agency you may order the services of the interpreter of different languages for the work in Kirovohrad, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, other cities of Ukraine and abroad.
It is desirable to order the interpreter in a few days before, because if we don’t have the interpreter of the necessary language in the city, where the event is planed to be, we need some time to arrange his business trip to another city.