Duplicate receipt

In the case if you have lost (missed, damaged, or it was stolen) the original of the Ukrainian documents:
- birth certificate, marriage certificate,
- real estate/ apartment/ house property right certificate,
- real estate purchase and sale agreement,
- document of title for land area,
- identification code certificate or any other important document, you need to busy yourself with the procedure of that document renewal and to make the duplicate in Ukraine.
Also, you may apply to our agency and we’ll professionally solve for you the task of renewal (reclamation) of the document without your personal presence. If you live in the locality, where the lost document was issued, you may try to renew it independently. If you live in other city or abroad, you definitely need our facilitation, which will safe your nerves, time and money for the procedure of the renewal (reclamation) of the duplicates in Ukraine. 
The original of the document is issued only once and after the procedure of renewal, you’ll receive the duplicate. The duplicate will completely correspond to the original and will have the same legal force. In fact, the duplicate is the second copy of the original. The only difference between the original and the duplicate is the small note “DUPLICATE” on the renewed document. The duplicate is issued only by the institution, which has previously issued the corresponding original of the document (Registry office, Technical inventory office, notary, archive, court, educational establishment and so on).
If you have decided to use our reclamation services in Ukraine (preparation of the duplicates), you need to do the following:
1. To send to our e-mail or to bring to our office personally the copy of the document (if any), which is going to be renewed. If the copy was not saved, we need as much information as possible about the place and the time of issue, for whose name was it issued, the number of act record (if known) and so on.
2. If necessary, to give us the power of attorney (either personally, or by delivery service) for the document reclamation in Ukraine, issued by any notary. If you are abroad, after notarial preparation the power of attorney should be obligatory legalized in the country, where you have made it. It is performed either with the apostille or the consular legalization.
3. To pay us 50% of the cost for the service. You may see the cost of the service in the section “price-list” or you may contact us through CHAT, SKYPE, Tel. +38 (050) 522-04-09. Before the power of attorney preparation (item. 2) our manager will provide you with the passport details of the specialist, who will be responsible for the procedure of the documents reclamation in Ukraine. It will be necessary to mention the passport details of our specialist in the power of attorney for the document reclamation.
When the document is ready, our employee will send you the scanned copy of the document for checking purposes. If there are no remarks, you will pay the second 50% of the cost of the service.
To this end, our agency will send you the original of the document (recovered, reclaimed, duplicate) to any city of the world, and the scanned copy of the invoice, which proves the sending of the document. We’ll for sure agree with you before sending the document what delivery service to use. You pay separately the cost of the delivery service.