Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record in Ukraine

The most widespread case in the necessity of Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record in Ukraine is a marriage of Ukrainians abroad.
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The Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record in Ukraine is a document that previously was issued by the Civil Registration Authorities at the place of residence. In spite of absence of a unified archive database of the Civil Registration Authorities and with the adopted changes in the law that cancelled the compulsory registration of marriage at the place of residence, the authorities have lost the ability to track the data of marital status of citizens. There is such situation, when any of the regional the Civil Registration Authorities can to verify and confirm the presence /absence of records regarding marriage/divorce in the archive database of regional importance only. That's why it can not verify the data of marital status in Ukraine. The issuance of Certificates of Absence of Marriage Records in Ukraine has stopped by the Civil Registration Authorities, since November 2007.
How to confirm the marital status in Ukraine?
Today, there is a single document proving the marital status in Ukraine, which is called Notarized Declaration of Marital Status.
Declaration of Marital Status in Ukraine is issued by any Ukrainian notary. The notary will issue the Declaration, if there is not the stamp of the Civil Registration Authorities confirming the fact of marriage in the passport of citizen of Ukraine.
An example of the Declaration:
The example of this Declaration
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The remarkable fact:
The Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record in Ukraine can be named in different ways. There is a small list of names, which are similar to this Certificate, such as:
- Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR)
- Single Status Certificate
- Notarized Asseveration in the Nature of Absence Marriage
- Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage
- Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record
- Certificate for the Marriage Registration
- Civil Status Certificate
- Certificate of the Absence Information of Marriage Registration.
But, in fact, it was named like Certificate of Presence /Absence of Marriage, until November 2007. Now it is named like Notarized Declaration of Marital Status in Ukraine.