Notarial translation

- is any kind of translation, which is made by the translator with the following arrangement of notarial actions.
Two variants of certified translation are offered in Ukraine:
Variant No. 1
The notary certifies the document on which the translation was made and sews it on to the original.
Variant No. 2
The notary certifies the document on which the translation was made and sews it on to the notarialy certified copy.
It is understood that in the case of certified translation the notary confirms the translator’s signature authenticity.
Certification of the translated document by the notary in Ukraine is possible only in the case, when both form and content correspond to the norms of valid legislation. These are official documents which contain necessary requisite details, such as the seal, the signature, the date of issue, the name of the institution/issuing authority and other.
The list of the documents, which go for the notarial certification, is very large.
These are the documents of individuals:
  • identification documents;
  • documents of title (certificates, agreements, court judgments, acts);
  • documents issued with law-enforcement and judicial authorities;
  • bank documents;
  • insurance documents;
  • documents in the sphere of education (references, certificates, school diplomas, diplomas);
  • documents about the work (references from work, work record books, powers of attorney and so on);
  • documents in the sphere of healthcare and so on.
These are the documents of legal persons:
  • agreements;
  • licenses;
  • powers of attorney;
  • certificates;
  • foundation documents and so on.
Certified translation from/into some language invests the documents with the legal force for the usage in some country.
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