Obtaining of an ID code

The service of receiving the taxpayer identification number (ID code) in Ukraine is necessary to the citizens of Ukraine, as well as to the foreigners, who are providing some definite actions, which are the subject of monitoring from the side of tax inspection.
Identification number is the numerical code, which contains the information about its owner and is issued in tax authorities for the accounting of official incomes of individuals in Ukraine. The identification number will be necessary to the citizens of Ukraine and to the foreigners while doing the following actions in Ukraine:
  • business foundation and company registration,
  • share purchase and becoming a shareholder,
  • employment,
  • handling the formalities of the citizenship or the residence permit,
  • handling the formalities of the bank products,
  • making of contract relations with notarial certification and other.
Due to the facts mentioned above, it is possible to draw the conclusion, that without the assigned identification number on the territory of Ukraine, the person is going to meet constant restrictions. According to the standard regulations of Ukraine, the taxpayer identification number is assigned to the applicant during 10 days after his submission of the complete package of documents. But in reality, even foreigners rarely manage to receive the taxpayer identification number quickly, avoiding the bureaucracy. When the applicant is out of Ukraine, the receiving of the taxpayer identification number is even more difficult, because the applicant should receive it personally.
How is it possible to solve the situation and to receive the taxpayer identification number in Kirovohrad, Oleksandriia, Kryvyi Rih, Kyiv or other city of Ukraine?
You need just to apply to our agency and our employee will complete the taxpayer identification number for you at the ground of the power of attorney. Is such a case your presence in Ukraine is not necessary. We’ll send you the example of the power of attorney, and you’ll prepare it in the country of your staying at the moment.
Together with the abovementioned power of attorney, you should send us the following documents for the taxpayer identification number issuing:
  • the copy of the applicant’s passport with the notarially certified translation into Ukrainian,
  • the copy of the page from the passport with the note about crossing the border.
If necessary our specialist will take personal charge of making translation of the copy of Ukrainian passport and its notarial certification, as the translation with the following certification is the main direction of our activity.
At the result our agency during some days at the ground of your documents will complete the tax identification number in Ukraine and will send that document for you to any city of the world.