The written translation - is a kind of translation where the performable translation and the original material are the fixed texts.
As a general rule, the written translation is the business basis of any translation agency.
The themes of the translations are very varied – all kinds of directions in science, business, literary texts, personal documents and so on.
Mainly, the clients are the individuals, who order the translation of the standard documents:
- passport;
- diploma;
- school certificate;
- driver’s license;
- police clearance certificate;
- salary reference;
- references from work, place of education, place of living;
- reference about bank account;
- reference about tax identification number assigning;
- birth certificate, marriage certificate, marriage dissolution certificate, certificate about the surname change and other documents.
The majority of the orders for translation need the following notarial certification.
The clients, legal persons, order the translation of the documents of business nature, such as: statutory documents, international business contracts and so on.
Nowadays, the orders of literary texts translation are very rare.
The written translation, made by our agency in Ukraine is always the high quality level of performance, independent of the complexity of the original material. We manage to maintain the high level of quality because of the fact that we use time-proved mechanism of the orders realization. At the very beginning the original material goes to the professional translator, who has the experience of work in the corresponding thematic sphere, after that it undergoes the obligatory checkout and editorial revision of the editor and in conclusion goes the check of the proofreader. When necessary, in the process of translation into foreign languages, we enlist the co-operation of the native-speakers (the specialists who translate into their native language). It helps to keep the originality of the translation and the language particularity of translated texts.
Our translation agency will right on time complete your order for translation of any complexity and themes, ensuring full compliance with grammar and stylistic norms, orthography of target language. The service is available for the citizens in Kirovohrad, Kyiv, New York, London, Paris, Ottawa and for the citizens in any other city of the world.