Apostille is the special stamp, which certifies the truthfulness of the signatures and seals on the document. It makes them legally valid and efficient for presentation in other countries, who are the members of the Hague Convention of 1961.
Is it necessary for you to put the apostille in Kirovograd?
Our translation agency will render a service of putting the apostille on your documents in corresponding state establishments of Ukraine within the minimum period and for the minimum price.
The apostille is affixed on different documents of the standard type, for example: diploma, transcript to diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate and so on. Thus, the apostille is affixed by one of the following state authorities, depending upon the type of the document:  
-by Ministry of Justice on the documents issued by the authorities of justice, courts, and the documents filed by the notaries;
-by Ministry of Education and Science on the documents, which confirm the health condition, (medical references, medical certificates or laboratory certificates, epicrisis, forensic medical examinations), on the documents of education sphere;
-by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on all other kinds of documents.
There are many different peculiarities in the procedure of the apostille affixing. It is necessary to consider each case on individual basis.
In order to define the procedure of the apostille affixing more exactly, please, apply to our translation agency and we’ll provide you with the free of charge consultation.
The service of apostilization of Ukrainian documents is accessible for the citizens in Kirovograd, Kyiv, Madrid, New York, Paris and for the citizens of other cities of the world.